playing round wall decal ( medium size )

This modern wall decal is a great contemporary design, working with simple circular shapes. The different size dots create movement while the enclosed shape of the circles calms down the design.

$59.00 — $79.00


W130cm x H60cm as shown, however the circles can be spaced differently to suit a wider or narrower space. In order to provide you with a product, that you can alter to suit your space and for ease of application the wall decal will be sent on a 50cm x 70cm sheet, in kit form.


This wall decal  looks great in a single colour, please feel free to choose one to suit your decor.

about wall decals:

Walls That Talk vinyl wall decals offer an easy, do-it-yourself decorating idea for your living spaces. You can easily create a fantastic feature-wall design with them, and when you want a change they are easily removable. Our vinyl is ultra thin, therefore it creates a painted effect on your wall. It is available in over 30 beautiful colours, so there is certainly something to suit your space.