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    • vinyl wall decal colour sample

      wall decal colour samples


      Our range of wall decals is available in 30 different colours. To make choosing the right colours for your decals easier, you might want to consider our vinyl colour samples. For less than a dollar you can select up to 5 different colour samples so you can be confident that you have exactly the right colour for your decorating project.

    • original

      hanging bird cages wall decal - set of three

      from $79.00

      Walls That Talk vinyl wall decals offer an easy, do-it-yourself decorating idea for your living spaces. You can easily create a fantastic feature-wall design with them, and when you want a change they are easily removable. Our vinyl is ultra thin, therefore it creates a painted effect on your wall. It is available in over 30 beautiful colours, so there is certainly something to suit your space.

    • flying birds wall decal - set of 7 swallows

      flying birds wall decal - set of 7 swallows

      from $21.00

      So versatile, this lovely set of swallows wall decal could be used in any space. They will be happy flying around your living room and they are great in boring hallways and staircases or kids rooms too. You could also place these decals on fridges, mirrors, laptops or furniture just to name a few other options. They can be applied in a group or you can split up the set and use them in a couple of areas. They can be applied on their own, or they work well together with any of our tree, branch, plant or bird cages decals. Just keep them away from the cat!

    • dandelion in the summer breeze wall decal

      dandelion in the summer breeze wall decal - large size

      from $219.00

      Make a wish and hope it will come true! Inspired by childhood memories, this dandelion wall decal brings back the joy of endless afternoons playing outside. The intricate design creates an airy picture of movement and playfulness.

    • wall decal dandelions flying

      dandelions flying wall decal

      from $59.00

      This stylish, designer wall decal will make a beautiful addition to your home or workplace. Light and airy, stylised and larger than life - this dandelion wall decal will create a contemporary feature-wall in your home. Let your thoughts and cares drift away with the dandelion seeds as they fly gracefully on the breeze.

    • dragonflies wall decal

      dragonflies wall decal

      from $15.95

      This wall decal of 13 dragonflies can be applied as a set to create a scene or can individually decorate books, diaries, furniture laptops, etc. In vibrant colours they are a great accessory for your kids' rooms, or choose from the subdued colours to match your adult furnishings and apply them in your living space.

    • dandelions from Scandinavia wall decal (long stems)

      dandelions from Scandinavia wall decal (long stems)

      from $89.00

      Inspired by traditional Scandinavian folk art and design we created this modern dandelion wall decal. We loved our original wintery design so much but we wished we could enjoy them all year around, so our collection of four seasons evolved. This long stem version is suitable as a design accents in smaller spaces, ends of corridors or entry areas. Combine it with a bookcase or your tv unit to create a unique feature in your living space.

    • wall decal hanging bird cage

      hanging bird cage wall decal

      from $29.00

      A photographer friend had drawn some wonderful bird cages in his sketchbook. When I saw them, I just wished they could be in our wall decal collection. Thanks to his generosity they are here for your enjoyment. The original hand-drawn image has been transferred to computer and can now be made into a wall decal in the vinyl colours of your choice. Place this beautiful hanging bird cage wall decal in your living area for a cheerful, out of the ordinary decoration.

    • majestic tree wall decal

      majestic tree wall decal

      from $74.00

      There are so many possibilities with this versatile tree wall decal: depending on your colour choice and your decor. It can be sleek and urban in white in a minimalistic space for adults, or romantic and feminine in pink for a girl's room. Looking for something different for a little boy's nursery? Try this decal in teal and mint or ice-blue and mint combinations. Choose orange and golden yellow and you have an "arts and craft" look for your sewing room.