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    • vinyl wall decal colour sample

      wall decal colour samples


      Our range of wall decals is available in 30 different colours. To make choosing the right colours for your decals easier, you might want to consider our vinyl colour samples. For less than a dollar you can select up to 5 different colour samples so you can be confident that you have exactly the right colour for your decorating project.

    • dandelions from Scandinavia wall decal (long stems)

      dandelions from Scandinavia wall decal (long stems)

      from $89.00

      Inspired by traditional Scandinavian folk art and design we created this modern dandelion wall decal. We loved our original wintery design so much but we wished we could enjoy them all year around, so our collection of four seasons evolved. This long stem version is suitable as a design accents in smaller spaces, ends of corridors or entry areas. Combine it with a bookcase or your tv unit to create a unique feature in your living space.

    • field of flowers wall decal (large)

      field of flowers wall decal (large)

      from $129.00

      Walking in a field of flowers always puts a smile on your face. Now imagine this field to be larger than life with flowers as tall as you are! This wall decal looks great in large open plan living spaces and brings life to boring corridors. Kids will love it too.

    • chalkboard mirror wall decal - square

      chalkboard mirror wall decal - square


      Chalkboard wall decals are not only a decorative feature for your home, they are also very practical: notes, phone numbers, to do lists, shopping lists, appointments can all be written up in a second. Wall decals can be written on with chalk and wiped off easily with a damp cloth. The wall decal is easy to apply, just stick it to the wall - there is no need for messy painting jobs.

    • original

      medieval crystal chandelier wall decal (pair)

      from $59.00

      These chandelier wall decals in pink are an all time favourite for girl's bedrooms. They are sized to fit perfectly above bedside tables either side of the bed, or can be installed together to create a beautiful feature wall design.

    • wall decal chalkboard mirror with picture gallery

      chalkboard with picture gallery wall decal

      from $179.00

      This wall decal contains a fantastic collection of different frames around a central chalkboard wall decal in the shape of an antique mirror. You can use your creativity when arranging the collection on your walls, and can even stick your favourite photos within the frames. The central chalkboard shape is great for writing notes and reminders too.

    • cheerful flowers wall decal

      cheerful flowers wall decal

      from $59.00

      This playful flower wall decal instantly transforms any dull corner of your home. In just half an hour you can easily bring some cheer into your space?

    • wall decal wild flower posy

      wild flower posy wall decal

      from $29.00

      Freshly picked for your enjoyment: This country wall decal is suitable for kitchens, bedrooms or laundries in traditional homes. The two colour combinations are more realistic, the one colour wall decal puts more emphasis on the romantic shapes of the bunch.

    • field of flowers wall decal (medium)

      field of flowers wall decal (medium)

      from $69.00

      Walking in a field of flowers - always puts a smile on your face. This colourful wall decal is a favourite for corridors and kids' rooms but will instantly brighten up any area in your home.