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    • vinyl wall decal colour sample

      wall decal colour samples


      Our range of wall decals is available in 30 different colours. To make choosing the right colours for your decals easier, you might want to consider our vinyl colour samples. For less than a dollar you can select up to 5 different colour samples so you can be confident that you have exactly the right colour for your decorating project.

    • majestic tree wall decal

      majestic tree wall decal

      from $74.00

      There are so many possibilities with this versatile tree wall decal: depending on your colour choice and your decor. It can be sleek and urban in white in a minimalistic space for adults, or romantic and feminine in pink for a girl's room. Looking for something different for a little boy's nursery? Try this decal in teal and mint or ice-blue and mint combinations. Choose orange and golden yellow and you have an "arts and craft" look for your sewing room.

    • autumn leaves - gone with the wind wall decal

      autumn leaves - gone with the wind wall decal

      from $44.00

      This versatile autumn leaves wall decal could be used in any space. Picked up by the wind, travelling on their journey far-far away, they will decorate your living room, hallway or staircase walls. The 36 leaves can be applied in a group or split the set and use them in a couple of areas.

    • winter birch forest wall decal

      winter birch forest wall decal

      from $269.00

      A true Scandinavian icon: birch tree trunks in winter. Calm, peaceful and gracious. This birch forest wall decal will add another dimension to your living space. It can also be a great neutral theme for the nursery if you do not want a gender specific decoration.

    • wall decal autumn leaf panelaf

      autumn leaf panels wall decal

      from $79.00

      This lovely wall decal will look great in any modern space. The panels give the flying leaf design a structured appearance. It makes it a great alternative to artwork or picture on your wall. This wall decal sticker can be a feature of your living space, bedroom or study.

    • wall decal wild flower posy

      wild flower posy wall decal

      from $29.00

      Freshly picked for your enjoyment: This country wall decal is suitable for kitchens, bedrooms or laundries in traditional homes. The two colour combinations are more realistic, the one colour wall decal puts more emphasis on the romantic shapes of the bunch.

    • contemporary trees wall decal (earth)

      contemporary trees wall decal


      A set of fun trees, sleek and modern, ideal for any contemporary environment. This tree wall decal can be a feature of your lounge or dining room or it is also ideal for narrow entrance areas. This modern interpretation of the forest can be very neutral and graphic in the earth tones or it can work as a lively and colourful decoration in the blues. You can also choose your own colour scheme to suit your decor.

    • tall poppies wall decal

      tall poppies wall decal

      from $54.00

      "Being out in the garden, the light, airy shapes of the poppies grabbed my imagination" - explained our graphic designer, Ben about his design. For this wall decal I have take some traditional forms, enlarged them, changed the colours and created a modern take on this classic flower. Let this wonderful shape be a feature of your living space and enjoy a piece of contemporary art.

    • cherry blossom wall decal

      cherry blossom wall decal

      from $99.00

      The end of winter is always full of anticipation. Driving through the Adelaide Hills, we saw a field of pink flowering trees - cherries, of course. We took some pictures and created this lovely cherry blossom wall decal which will bring the freshness and excitement of spring to your home.